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17 Jun 2020 - 18 Jun 2020
B2WORTH 2020: virtual company mission in the fashion and design sectors

WORTH Partnership Project

WORTH Partnership Project is dedicated to supporting design-driven innovative ideas within the fashion and lifestyle industries including textile, footwear, leather and fur, furniture and home decoration, jewellery and accessories.

WORTH provides designers, SME manufacturers, crafters and technology firms a platform to develop creative concepts and the opportunity to enter into a transnational partnership. Backed by the European Union, WORTH offers participants funding, coaching, market positioning, networking and international product showcase.

WORTH aims to support projects whose added value clearly lies in design concepts by integrating disruptive techniques or technologies in a creative way.

In the framework of the last year of Europe 2020 Strategy, WORTH aims to contribute to the development of a more smart, sustainable and inclusive growth through design solutions.

Awarded projects address global challenges that matters to Europe and the way designers and SMEs can contribute with key solutions around circular economy and resources efficiency, rethinking social innovation and social inclusion; the reinvention of craftsmanship and European heritage preservation; advanced digitized manufacturing, value chains and business models; smart and high-performance materials; high-value added solutions for attractive growth markets.

The list of winners of WORTH calls for proposal is available here.


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Participants 213
Meetings 514


Austria 2
Belgium 5
Bosnia And Herzegovina 1
Croatia 2
Czech Republic 4
Denmark 2
Finland 3
France 4
Germany 5
Greece 6
Ireland 1
Italy 58
Japan 1
Latvia 1
Lithuania 23
North Macedonia 3
Moldova, Republic Of 1
Netherlands 12
Poland 5
Portugal 9
Romania 6
Slovakia 4
Slovenia 4
Spain 15
Sweden 2
Turkey 4
Ukraine 22
United Kingdom 7
Viet Nam 1
Total 213


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E-commerce platform 6
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Service supplier 18
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Other 24
Total 213

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